Transforming business Through
Integrated Information Sytems

Out Patient

Our powerful unique solution for the uniform problem area of Outpatient department  in the  hospital  takes care of Registration, Revisit, appointments and all other bill related transactions. Our Implementation Standard provide a platform for the implementation of best hospital practice management necessary to create process and practice standards that will enable the evaluation of service performance for further improvement and betterment of OPD. OPD is the mirror of the hospital, which reflects the functioning of the hospital being the first point of contact between the patient and the hospital staff. Our main functionalities in OP are:-

  •  New Registration/ Revisit/ follow-up
  •  Doctor Definitions
  •  Debtors Company
  •  Company Employees
  •  Barcoding
  •  Consultation Booking
  •  Service Bills
  •  Receipts & Payments
  •  Patient wise bills
  •  Credits and Care-off
  •  Chart Transfers
  •  Service Packages
  •  Package Rates
  •  Chart Report
  •  Appointment Schedule